Fuel Assistance

The Fuel Assistance program runs from November 1 st through April 30 th. It provides assistance in paying for heating costs to over 10,000 households annually.

Eligibility for the program is based on the following income guidelines:

 Latest LIHEAP benefit chart:


FY 2016 LIHEAP Income Eligibility and Benefit Chart -10-28-2015 

Fuel Assistance clients also benefit from discounts on utility bills and telephone bills. Over a 12-month period this can mean a big difference to a household. Energy Bucks is a way to let more people know about fuel assistance, discount rates and energy efficiency.

Those households who are participants in the Fuel Assistance program are automatically enrolled in energy discount rates from utility companies. Energy bucks can also provide added benefits such as making homes and appliances more energy efficient. Energy Bucks does not give clients cash.

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Fuel Assistance works closely with the Weatherization and HEART-WAP programs in coordinating efforts to establish eligibility.

Self Help continues to work in conjunction with Citizens Energy Corporation (CEC) with the oil heat program and the Distrigas program. This allows for additional assistance to clients who have expended their Fuel Assistance benefits.

Self Help works with volunteer agencies within the SHI service area in providing trained volunteers who take applications within the community and thereby making access to Fuel Assistance more convenient, especially for the senior citizens within each community.