Self Help Inc. Community Needs Survey

Self Help, Inc., has started work on a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment and would love your help.

We’re gathering information to better understand and address the most critical needs impacting people in the area, especially those who are vulnerable and living with limited resources. Input from residents, service providers, and community stakeholders like local government departments, emergency responders, educators, the faith community, and others is critical to enable us all to work together and plan our programs, services, and partnerships for the coming three years. We’re looking at issues such as housing, childcare, transportation, jobs, substance use, health, and so much more to figure out how we can make our communities a better place to live for all.

Take this short survey  to help make your community a better place to live for ALL.  Remember to enter the FREE when you’re done.

 Self Help, Inc. wants to know what you think! Do you and your neighbors have what you need for a better life and community? We’re gathering information on housing, child care, transportation, jobs and other needs to help service providers throughout the area improve our community’s programs and resources. Your input is critical!