Lead Paint Abatement Program

City of Brockton Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program

The City of Brockton’s goal is to prevent childhood lead poisoning with target lead hazard control efforts in housing units where children are at a greater risk. About 3.6 million American households have children under 6 years of age who live in homes with lead exposure hazards. When absorbed into the body, it can cause damage to brain and other vital organs causing a decrease in learning and behavior problems. Acting through the Brockton Redevelopment Authority, the City will make grants available to eligible program participants for lead hazard abatement, including eligible inspection fees, and a relocation stipend when requirements of the program have been met. Get the facts, get your home tested, get your child tested today! 


  • Priorities will be given to homes with a child under six (6) years old residing in the house.
  • To determine eligibility, income must be at or below 80% of the area median to qualify
  • Landlords are encouraged to apply (In the case of a rental property, the tenant’s income shall determine eligibility).
  • Eligible properties include pre-1978 owner-occupied, or investor owned single or multi-family buildings.
  • Applicants may be eligible for a Healthy Homes grant in addition to lead hazard abatement completion.
Number in Household80% of Area Median Income


Homeowners and landlords who have children under the age of six (6) are encouraged to apply as lead poisoning may cause more harm at a younger age. Through the program, eligible units will be brought to lead-safe standards and code compliance. Interiors, exteriors, common-areas, outbuildings, soil and historic preservation measures will be treated.

  • The grant for Lead Assistance is up to ten thousand ($10,000) dollars per unit, anything exceeding that the homeowner is responsible for and may secure funding through personal means or MassHousing’s “Get the Lead Out” Loan Program. B-LBPHCP staff may determine that due to emergency circumstances, the program may fund more than the threshold.
  • If the unit seeking assistance is a rental, the homeowner will be responsible for 10% of the deleading costs per unit unless owner occupied.
  • In the case of a rental property, the tenant’s income shall determine eligibility therefore 2 applications are required (homeowner and tenant)
  • Homeowners may apply for lead assistance if the unit is vacant, however priorities will be given to families with children under the age of 6 years old.
  • Participation in the program may require temporary relocation should the abatement work be undertaken which means all household members must not return to the home until the home has passed clearance. It is recommended that tenants/homeowners make temporary living arrangements with relatives or friends while lead hazard work is being done. The timeframe to delead a unit may vary for each property and can take up to 5 days. Occupants will receive a $350.00 stipend (per unit) when requirements of the program have been met.
  • In consideration of such financial assistance, a five (5) Year Affordable Housing Restriction will be placed on the property, restricting the use and resale of the property and providing for a recapture of some or the entire financial subsidy under certain circumstances. The homeowner is to pay the Registry of Deeds recording fee. Property owners agree to limit rents and rent increases within Brockton’s fair market rate. If the property sells, transfers, disposes or otherwise conveys the property at any time prior to the 5th year anniversary, the grantor shall repay the BRA assistance amount. For each year of home ownership, 20% of the grant balance will be forgivable.
  • To participate in the program insurance and the mortgage will be maintained, City taxes and City fees will be kept current.


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