Rental Assistance

Thank you for your interest Self Help Inc’s RENTAL Assistance Program

Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Eligibility Requirements

Completion of this online process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment.

Application Process

Phase 1:

  • Submit application online, with all requested documentation
  • Wait for email from representative at Self Help Inc
  • If found pre-eligible, SHI staff will contact you with and additional questions and/or documentation.  If additional documentation is needed you will receive a secure email with all required documents you must provide in order for your application to proceed to Phase 2.  Please fully open the email and reply to the email requesting the documentation (that ensures all of your information is secure)
  • Mailing/email will be sent to landlords for additional documentation needed from them
  • If you are found NOT Eligible, you will receive an email explaining why

Phase 2:

  • Once all documents are received, your case will be assessed and processed;
  • Once the application and all required documents have been received and processed, Self Help Inc will review your file for final determination.

Phase 3:

  • Once your file is approved, approval letters will be emailed to all parties involved
  • Your File will be submitted for final data entry and posted for payment
  • All payments will be made directly to property owner  – Please be advised that payments may take 2-4 weeks to be processed and mailed once approved.

**ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN PDF FORM AND sent in response to a documentation request email or uploaded with your initial application.  Please do not email us any documents unless we request them  through a secure email **