Rental Assistance

Thank you for your interest Self Help Inc’s RENTAL Assistance Program

Through the CARES Act Self Help Inc. is able to provide much needed relief to residents (within our Service
Area) who are at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, who are behind on their rental payments and are
at risk of losing their rental housing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If approved and all required
documentation is submitted, households will be eligible to receive up to $4000 per household, to assist with
their rental arears. SHI staff will then contact the landlord to facilitate collection of required documents and
process payment. All payments made on behalf of the applicant will be paid directly to the landlord. Under no
circumstance will the payment be made directly to the household. Funds will be in the form of a grant that
does not have to be repaid by the applicant.

Rental Assistance will be available on a first come first serve basis until the funds are depleted. Funds can only be requested one time per 12 month period.

Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Eligibility Requirement

To qualify for this financial assistance, applicants must:

✓ live in one of the SHI Communities;
✓ demonstrate the household has been impacted by COVID-19
✓ have a gross household income that is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
✓ be in arrears on their rental payment at the time of application.


Completion of this application process does not guarantee eligibility, approval or payment.

Application Process

Phase 1:

  • Submit application online, with all requested documentation (If an applicant is unable to complete an application online they can contact or call 508-588-0447 to request a paper application be mailed or to complete the application over the phone with an SHI staff member)
  • Wait for email/call/letter from representative at Self Help Inc
  • If found pre-eligible, SHI staff will contact you with and additional questions and/or documentation.  If additional documentation is needed you will receive a letter outlining the needed documentation in order for your application to continue to be processed.

Phase 2:

  • Once all documents are received, your eligibility will be determined and your case will be assessed and processed;
  • Once the application and all required documents have been received and processed, Self Help Inc will review your file for final determination.
  • If you are found NOT Eligible, you will receive an email explaining why.

Phase 3:

  • Once your file is approved, approval letters will be emailed to all parties involved
  • Your File will be submitted for final data entry and posted for payment
  • All payments will be made directly to property owner  – Please be advised that payments may take 2-4 weeks to be processed and mailed once approved.

**ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED to determine eligibility.  Preference is to submit via upload when you submit your application.   If you did not do that we will request that you mail/fax your documents.

Please do not email us any documents unless we request them  through a secure email  or provide you with a unique upload link
PLEASE NOTE: Submitting ALL of the Required Documents with your application (via upload), can make the process move much quicker!